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Summer is about living your best life, and Truman is the definition of Summer Joy! He is a constant reminded that you can make it through the hard times to the good and to keep a smile through it all! 


Welcome Wrigley to the land of Oz!

Little Wrigley was found posted being for food or breeding, and a wonderful supporter stepped up to get him to safety! She arranged for transportation from Oregon to New Mexico for him to get here. When he arrived he had a terrible mite infestation, greasy pig infection, and when he went in for his neuter, they found his intestines had protruded showing an inguinal hernia. He had a surgery to repair the damage and is already a happy healthy boy! 
If you would like to sponsor Wrigley, you can do so on our "Meet the Misfits" page! 


Please support Phoenix's cancer journey by purchasing one of the many "Rise Like a Phoenix" designs to help us face his upcoming medical bills! Click below to shop! 


Phoenix is recovering like a champ after his surgery! He is adapting to life without one eye, and is doing amazingly! He is SO HAPPY to be home with his pack, and has even gone for some small jogs! We got results from his histopathology and they are confident that they got good clean margins and we are so very thrilled for this news! THANK YOU to everyone who has donated towards his care! We are still trying to recoup some of the funds for medical costs and are so grateful to everyone who is helping! 


         Rainbow Bridge Memorial Garden 
We recently completed our Rainbow Bridge Memorial in honor of our family members who've crossed the bridge before us. We hope when you visit, you will take a moment to honor them and your friends as well. 


PRIDE 2023 shirts in our bonfire store now! Check the link in our "Store" to get yours! 


Did you know that Elvis was the first pig here in Oz? He is a magical being who we celebrate all the time for being the reason we've all been brought here together! 

Nala enjoys a beautiful summer day! 

Around the Sanctuary

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