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Join our "$10 Team!"
Click this link to sign up for a monthly donation of just $10 a month to help us support the animals of Oz!! By skipping on cup of coffee, you can improve the lives of almost 60 animals!  



We apologize for any inconvenience, but for the safety and comfort of our residents, we will not offer private tours through the winter season! Follow our socials to see when tour season reopens, we look forward to seeing you in the spring! 


📣It’s time for our first volunteer day of 2024! 📣

We have so many projects that need attention here on site, so we’re calling for your help! We have two opportunities for volunteering this coming Saturday, January 27th. 

Shift A) this will be for those who are unable to commit to ongoing volunteer shifts, but want to help with some winter projects. We will be doing things like scooping poop, filling feed barrels, site cleanup, shelter insulation, hanging lights and more! 

Shift B) this is for those who would like to become part of our animal care team as regular volunteers, committing to at least two shifts a month. We will do things like scoop poop, fill/clean troughs, learn our feed routine and general pig behaviors, hay and straw filling etc. We are looking for people who want to be involved ongoing with Misfits of Oz and learn the ways we keep the organization growing! 

*we are located in Edgewood, NM, approx 35 min east of ABQ* 

To join our volunteer day, please fill out our volunteer app on our website at and in the notes put which shift(s) you are interested in! If you’re interested in becoming a regular volunteer and would also like to help out on the project side, please join both shifts! Once your application is received, I’ll follow up with further directions! 

Volunteering with Misfits of Oz makes a difference for the 55 animals in our care who’ve been rescued from a multitude of situations including neglect, abuse, abandonment, or physical, medical or behavioral special needs. We are a 501c3 non profit and want to show the world the special place that each of these animals hold in this world. We look forward to having you join us!


Infrastructure funding needs! 
To keep our organization running, we not only incur high monthly costs including, feed, straw, hay, shelter, maintenance, medication and vet care, but we also have important needs that need to be met to make our day to day better for the residents and more feasible for the humans providing care. We have several big projects and needs that need large funding, and with your help we can reach those goals!




Around the Sanctuary

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