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Join our "$10 Team!"
Click this link to sign up for a monthly donation of just $10 a month to help us support the animals of Oz!! By skipping on cup of coffee, you can improve the lives of almost 60 animals!  


Remembering Vegas

Three days shy of two years together, but a lifetime of love shared. 💜 Vegas had two things in life he loved more than anything: his mama and his Nevada. He loved us both SO fiercely, and would let anyone know if they were getting too close to us. The bond we shared was so special… palpable… so pure. There was nothing we loved more than cuddling and chatting together. Sharing smooches and selfies. Vegas LOVED to take pictures with me, and he always wanted to be in my lap, regardless of his size. He loved his too small plastic pools, snacks, and belly scratches. He had the purest heart, yet a heart as protective as a lion. He was silly, vocal, and beyond perfect. From being left alone in a barn with Nevada, to them sharing their own little comfortable kingdom. Vegas was a welcoming presence and his signature smile could light up the darkest of days.  You lived up to your name in every sense possible: a bright shining light, a little gluttony, pure happiness, and a straight up star…. You are one of a kind and my life was made better by having you in it. Thank you for cheering me up anytime I needed it, and making my heart feel more full of love than I could ever imagine. I’ll see you at the shiny lights in the sky. Rest easy, my handsome bubs. I love you and the love we shared 💜 


Support our new van fundraiser!

On Tuesday, May 28 at around 5am, Shanda was driving Vegas to CSU for emergency surgery vet care when a driver of another vehicle fell asleep at the wheel, slamming into our van, spinning us and throwing us over a guardrail. Vegas was thrown from his crate, and about the van, but we both walked away. After spending 4 hours on the side of the highway waiting for help, we were finally able to get to town for a rental car to get him the rest of the way to the hospital. Unfortunately, after a few days of treatment for his illness, Vegas passed away, leaving a giant hole in our hearts. This is the biggest loss of all. 

 During the accident, our van was totaled, and while we will receive a small amount from insurance, it will not be enough to cover a replacement. This vehicle is the core of our organization, it helps us transport animals to vet care, pick up feed and hay, pick up building and maintenance materials, get us to fundraising events, and the only vehicle that could pull our trailer for our big pigs.  We are asking for help from our community to help us replace this huge asset. All donations are tax deductible and help us continue to run our day to day. If you are able to support our mission, no donation is too small. If you know folks at dealerships who might consider donating a van to help us, please reach out! Thank you for your support! 

Venmo: @MisfitsOfOz
Cashapp: $MisfitsOfOZ

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At Misfits of Oz, we are the land of "Where Outcasts Unite" and we love to celebrate all things and beings unique, different, weird and odd! Join us for a day of drinks, food from Root 66 Food truck, musical acts, vendors, raffles, stories about the animals and more! This is a donation based event, no ticket necessary. To join our limited list of vendors and acts, please fill out the application below! 

     📣Upcoming volunteer days of 2024! 📣

We have so many projects that need attention here on site, so we’re calling for your help! We have upcoming opportunities for volunteering soon! If you would like to attend one of our dates, please fill out the application and we will email you with details when dates/times are set. 

Open volunteer Day: this will be for those who are unable to commit to ongoing volunteer shifts, but want to help with some winter projects. We will be doing things like scooping poop, filling feed barrels, site cleanup, shelter insulation, hanging lights and more! 

Volunteer Orientation: this is for those who would like to become part of our animal care team as regular volunteers, committing to at least two shifts a month. We will do things like scoop poop, fill/clean troughs, learn our feed routine and general pig behaviors, hay and straw filling etc. We are looking for people who want to be involved ongoing with Misfits of Oz and learn the ways we keep the organization growing! 

*we are located in Edgewood, NM, approx 35 min east of ABQ* 

To join our volunteer day, please fill out our volunteer app on our website at and in the notes put which type of day you are interested in! If you’re interested in becoming a regular volunteer and would also like to help out on the project side, please join both days! Once your application is received, I’ll follow up with further directions! 

Volunteering with Misfits of Oz makes a difference for the 55 animals in our care who’ve been rescued from a multitude of situations including neglect, abuse, abandonment, or physical, medical or behavioral special needs. We are a 501c3 non profit and want to show the world the special place that each of these animals hold in this world. We look forward to having you join us!

Infrastructure funding needs! 
To keep our organization running, we not only incur high monthly costs including, feed, straw, hay, shelter, maintenance, medication and vet care, but we also have important needs that need to be met to make our day to day better for the residents and more feasible for the humans providing care. We have several big projects and needs that need large funding, and with your help we can reach those goals!

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Around the Sanctuary

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