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Summer is about living your best life, and Truman is the definition of Summer Joy! He is a constant reminded that you can make it through the hard times to the good and to keep a smile through it all! 


Join our "$10 Team!"
Click this link to sign up for a monthly donation of just $10 a month to help us support the animals of Oz!! By skipping on cup of coffee, you can improve the lives of almost 60 animals!  

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Infrastructure funding needs! 
To keep our organization running, we not only incur high monthly costs including, feed, straw, hay, shelter, maintenance, medication and vet care, but we also have important needs that need to be met to make our day to day better for the residents and more feasible for the humans providing care. We have several big projects and needs that need large funding, and with your help we can reach those goals!

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Remembering Dennis and Pony
It is with great sadness that we tell you of our loss of two of our beloved family members. Dennis and Pony both suffered from unfixable medical issues that would have left them in pain, and we had to let them cross the rainbow bridge. Mama Misfit was there beside both of them as they left their earthly bodies and started their journey to the after life. These boys were both incredibly special souls who were loved by so many people and animals here and we ask that you take a moment to honor their memories with us. 


Wrigley & Evie have bonded! 
Our two special needs piglets have become the BEST of friends, and it is the SWEETEST thing to watch their friendship form! These two both have internal gastrointestinal issues that need to be monitored and they are doing so well with the adult pigs and creating their place in the family! 


Did you know that Elvis was the first pig here in Oz? He is a magical being who we celebrate all the time for being the reason we've all been brought here together! 


Sponsoring is our biggest way of having consistent monthly income! By sponsoring for $25 a month, you help us provide necessities for the care of our residents.

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Evie is living her best summer life soaking up the sun in her pool! 

Around the Sanctuary

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