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Get Involved

There are so many ways to help all your favorite Misfits! From sponsoring, donating, volunteering, purchasing wish list items.. the options are endless! Are you a business owner interested in corporate sponsorships, or hosting a fundraiser? Does your work sponsor volunteer activities? Do you have a special skill that you would like to offer to help? We want to hear from you! Shoot us an email for any questions not answered on this page!



Interested in becoming a volunteer? We would love to have you! All new volunteers are required to fill out an application and attend a group Volunteer Orientation before becoming part of our on site team. Fill out the application below to join our next orientation! Send us an email and we will send you an application!





Donations are the platform of our success! Every dollar you send goes to the ongoing care of our sanctuary animals. We are able to provide food, warmth, vet care, medications, routine health care, and of course, treats by your donations! Donations help pay for our infrastructure such as housing, fencing and water, too. Click on any of our links below to support, or make donations at the following:


        Venmo:      @MisfitsOfOz

        Cashapp:   $MisfitsOfOZ



Amazon Wishlist

Every day we use a multitude of supplies. From sun shades, to hoof trimmers, to snacks and zip ties. Many of the things that keep our day to day operations running smoothly can be found on our Amazon Wishlist and sent directly to us from the comfort of your home!


Tour the Sanctuary

Wanna meet the animals of the Misfits of Oz Farm Sanctuary, but not ready to volunteer? Maybe you're an out of town visitor and want to get to meet your favorite Misfit you've followed all these years! We offer public group tours monthly and you can join our next one at the link below!

Email us for private tour information.

***Well  behaved children are welcome, but no one under the age of 16 admitted without an adult present. Waivers must be signed by parent or guardian. ***


Sponsor a Misfit

What could be better than getting your own personal update on your favorite Misfit every month?! Well, here is your chance! By sponsoring an animal(s) of your choice, you help provide daily necessities to our residents, and get the honor of being named on our "Meet The Misfits" Page for your love and support. Head on over and try to pick your favorites to sponsor!


As an organization, we are incredibly proud of what we have accomplished in just two years in our current space. We’ve helped many animals, created safe spaces, and maintained sustainability. One of the things we are most proud of is knowing our limits and not over exhausting our resources which take away from our current residents. We would love to be able to say “yes” more, but saying yes requires more resources, more planning and more infrastructure. We have space. We have love and commitment. But we need to do more on our infrastructure to be able to help more animals in need. Our goal is to help more big pigs in our area that need us. We have the space for them, but we can’t do it without your help. We desperately need to replace fencing for the potbellies. We need to do big projects that prepare us for winter. This all requires funds we don’t have right now. We’re hoping that seeing some of our major goals laid out helps you see how seriously we take our commitment to the animals and their wellbeing, and some of the ways you can help, and where your money goes. If you’re able, please help us start raising the funds to achieve these goals so we can step up more, not only for our current residents but for more who need us 💚
Photo of our beautiful pasture just waiting to be Inhabited by deserving animals 💚

🐽 Venmo : @MisfitsOfOz
🐽Cashapp: $MisfitsOfOz
🐷Check mailed to: PO Box 97 Edgewood, NM 87015
🐷Sponsor a Misfit:


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