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Meet Our Residents

The Residents of Misfits of Oz Farm Sanctuary have come from a wide variety of backgrounds;  Abuse, neglect, abandonment, starvation, and being bound for slaughter. But here, in this place, they have found safety, comfort, love and family. Each brings a unique personality and range of emotions, and it is our pleasure to know them, and share them with you!

Sponsor a Friend!

Wanna be an angel to one of these special babies? Become a  sponsor at the link below! Our monthly sponsors help provide invaluable funds for the everyday expenses for our residents, such as food, water, shelter and vet care.  Being a monthly sponsor will get you personalized info and pics on your sponsored animal monthly, and added to our Christmas Card list! It is because of people like you, that we can continue our mission of forever care.

***Animals can have and would LOVE multiple sponsors! 

To Sponsor:

A Pig: $25/ mo

A Dog: $25/ mo

A Goat: $20/ mo

"Family Sponsor": $30/mo

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