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About Us: 

Misfits of Oz Farm Sanctuary is A 501(c)3 sanctuary located in Edgewood, New Mexico. The property is nestled between the Estancia high plains and the Manzano mountains, providing breathtaking views and comfortable weather for it's four legged and two legged residents alike ! Misfits of Oz provides lifetime sanctuary for at-risk, abused or abandoned animals. Through the efforts of the owners, the wonderful volunteers and the generous donors, animals here get to live their best lives in a loving environment. We aim to educate our communities on the realities of pig ownership, while advocating for a kinder, more compassionate approach to farm animals as a whole.



We are a volunteer run organization, and volunteers are the core of our success. Through the commitment, dedication, and passion of our team, we are able to tackle the day to day operations of the Sanctuary. Want to become a volunteer? Check the link below to join one of our upcoming Volunteer Orientations!

Josh and Sweet Dee 

Carmen and Priscilla


Shanda Melendrez, Executive Director & Founder

Shanda, aka "Mama Misfit" started Misfits of Oz Farm Sanctuary in 2015. Shanda began her rescue career with dogs, when she rescued her first dog, Gianni in 2012, to which all the other dogs followed. When Shanda's lifelong dream of having a pet pig came true in 2015, when Elvis joined the family, she realized quickly the need for a sanctuary for these incredible, yet mostly misunderstood animals. Thus, Misfits was born in Kansas (Hence the "Oz" reference).  Our journey continued to Texas where we added a few more pigs including the handsome boys Will and Lance, who is Shanda's best friend and then we joined our forever home in New Mexico in 2021 when we moved from Austin.  Shanda loves sports and music, creating art, and float trips on hot summer days. She has been vegan since 2017 and shares her passion to advocate for animal rights. 

Shanda is pictured here with Vegas.


Jodi Mayfield, Director
Jodi is a long time vegan and animal rights supporter. For many years she has been involved with supporting many rescues and sanctuaries, and luckily for us, she found her home here at Misfits of Oz! Jodi is a shining example of learning all she can about the animals and their well being, and always putting their needs first. She is not only an angel to the animals, but she is a pediatric oncologist serving the children of Albuquerque as they battle. She is one of the most generous people you will ever meet, and enjoys good food and travel. She has been with the Misfits organization since 2021 and recently joining the board after all her dedication to the animals here. Jodi has a can-do attitude and is willing to go the extra mile to make sure the animals are cared for. 
Jodi is pictured here with one of her best friends, Gomez.

Cheryl Perea-Dampier, Secretary
Cheryl is a long time animal lover and supporter of rescues and sanctuaries. She has been a long time volunteer in Texas, where she and mama Misfit connected. Cheryl is an advocate and a fierce voice for the animals and their well being. She spends her time between Austin and Flagstaff, but is a New Mexico native, often visiting her family here and helping in Oz when possible. Cheryl is strong, smart and has knowledge and dedication to non profits and is such a welcome addition the Misfits of Oz family! 
Cheryl  is pictured here with one of her best friends, Penny.

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