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Tips for Keeping your pig happy at home! 

1. Pigs & Dogs should never be kept together. While your family dog may be incredibly friendly, pigs & dogs speak very different languages and a pig's pushy behavior can cause even the sweetest of dogs to snap, most often resulting in injury or even death to the pig.
2. Even "indoor pigs" should have ample outdoor time! Think of it the 70/30 rule. 70% outside at least. Pigs need this time for enrichment such as rooting, grazing, getting in the mud and getting the necessary vitamin D from the sun! 
3.  Routines work! Pigs are creatures of habit and knowing their daily routine helps keep them calm and settled. 
4.  Pig proof your fence! We suggest T Posts and cattle panels that your pig cannot root up to explore the other side! 
5.  Shade and mud are necessary for keeping your pig cool! Pigs do not sweat and need these things to regulate their body temperature. 
5.  Enrichment toys such as rooting mats or boxes, frozen fruit, balls etc can help occupy your pig while you are away. 
6. Pigs are herd animals! Pigs always do best with a buddy or two! Having behavioral or boredom issues with your baby? Consider adding another pig to keep it company. Two is easier than one! 

   Do you need to rehome your pig? We are here to help you find the perfect home. Sanctuaries all over the country are dealing with an overwhelming capacity of unwanted or unadoptable pigs, and most are unable to take more new intakes. Did you know that over 90% of pet pigs are rehomed within their first year of life? A shocking number, that shows the epidemic of overpopulation of pigs. While sanctuaries do their best to care for as many animals as possible, we rely on the kindness of our supporters to fund our efforts with donations, and unfortunately, we do not always have the appropriate resources needed to take in new animals. Resources such as space, housing, fencing, funding, and time are all major factors we must consider when asked to take another animal. We have all made a commitment to the animals in our care to provide the best for them, and unfortunately it is not always possible to be the ones to say "yes."  Here at Misfits, our focus is on "last chance" animals who are coming from abuse, neglect and cruelty situations, along with special needs and shelter animals. We just do not have the capacity and resources to take owner surrenders. 
    Our first goal is to always help find a way to keep your pig in your home, whether that is through advice, coaching, assisting with fence or shelter repairs, or helping you find your pig a companion, everyone benefits when the pig is at home! Please don't hesitate to ask us for help if you just need a little guidance, we've got you! 
   A big thing to keep in mind when asking a sanctuary to take your pig is the change in lifestyle. While most sanctuaries are beautiful places full of love and grazing, it is likely that your animal will not get the same amount of attention they are used to in a private home, as we care for tens to hundreds of animals at a time. Finding a private home for your beloved friend will benefit them so much. Please use the resources below to find those looking to add a perfect piggy to their lives! 

Thinking of surrendering your pig to sanctuary? Here's what you should know:

   Sanctuaries rely on donations for their day-to-day operations. As nonprofits, all donations are tax deductible and necessary for our continued success. While we would love to help every pig that is brought to our attention, the reality is that we are approached with anywhere from 1-5 requests DAILY of someone looking to surrender their pig. We always ask that you use the rehoming resources provided first! 
   If a sanctuary has the space to take your beloved pet, please keep in mind the costs associated with the care of that animal. You are asking someone else to take on the responsibility that you committed to.  If you are surrendering your animal, you should be prepared to make a donation to the sanctuary for any initial costs associated with the intake of your animal such as vet checkup, quarantine and any special diets, along with providing a monthly sponsorship fee. Here is a typical breakdown of what you should expect to commit to with a sanctuary taking in your animal. (This could vary sanctuary to sanctuary, this is a generalized estimate) Remember, without financial support, we are unable to take in any more animals and provide the care they need. 

Potbelly Pig: $200 donation to cover initial costs and $50 monthly sponsorship for at least two years. This covers the cost of one bag of feed and one bale of hay per month. 

Big Pig: $300 donation to cover inital costs and $100 monthly sponsorship for at least two years. This covers the cost of two bags of feed and two bales of hay per month. 

Here at Misfits of Oz, We understand that extenuating circumstances arise, and you may need to rehome your beloved pig. We have listed below some resources to help you in your quest for the perfect home for your baby. Please follow the links to post all necessary info to help with placement. Be sure to include things like age, sex, are they in tact or not, pictures, your location, if you are able to assist in transport and how far, any other animals your pig has lived with in the past, any known health or behavior issues, and any additional info that can help with the best placement. 

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